A solid foundation.

Selective access, including granular rights management, enables faster and more confident distribution and secure document management.

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Illustrated user managemet

A solid foundation.

for the secure handling of sensitive data

State-of-the-art infrastructure and secure encryption

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Sealed processing

Unauthorised access can be technically excluded during data processing

Encrypted connection

State-of-the-art security protocols (TLS 1.2) and certificates encrypt information in transit

Encrypted data storage

Data is encrypted with constantly changing keys (AES 256) and only then stored on our databases

Multiple redundancy

Data is always stored in multiple redundant locations in separate data centres. This means that your data will not get lost with us.

Intelligent database structures and organisational separation

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Strict access control

Unauthorised access is technically excluded. Explicit rights only for the author or authorised users.

Unconditional authorisation

Access to all IT systems is restricted to registered users who must present an encrypted security token.

Secure client separation

Intelligent database system developed by database experts and logical organisational separation creates secure client separation.

Requirements of the GDPR are met in full

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Server exclusively in Germany

We store your data exclusively on servers in Germany.

Further technical and organisational measures to protect your data

As a long-term partner for industries with high security requirements, data protection is not just lip service, but deeply rooted in our software.

Data protection by design

Data protection measures and security aspects are at the beginning of our product design and are baked deep into the source code of our software

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Simplify, accelerate and scale your contracting process across your organisation.


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Communicate, edit and approve in a way your team and customers will love.


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Unlock the potential of contract data through contract analysis and integrations.


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