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Many software platforms overwhelm their users with complicated software and a lack of service. However, we at top.legal do not leave you alone.

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Our onboarding services help you build better business relationships in no time at all.

Our legal engineering process.


Kick-off meeting

In an initial kick-of meeting, we identify all relevant contractual processes that would benefit from automation. We ask a lot of questions while you can sit back and enjoy the process.

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Initial setup

Once we have identified your relevant contracts, our AI converts your existing Word documents into a machine-readable format for use on top.legal. Our legal engineering team ensures that our AI has not overlooked anything.

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Automation of

Our experienced team of legal engineers will additionally scan your content for optional clauses, conditional text and placeholders and make initial suggestions for implementation. 

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We take into account data from your existing systems.

top.legal's modern software architecture allows you to continue using the tools your teams and clients already rely on. As part of the automation process, our legal engineering teams identify key parameters that need to be retrieved from other databases and match them with the corresponding fields and placeholders in top.legal.

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Our legal engineering process.


Training and enablement

Once the content and processes for automation are set up for the first time, we schedule online training sessions with your teams to ensure that all employees are able to use the top.legal services.

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Import contacts

You would like to send your first contracts to a list of contacts already? We have the solution for you. Our legal engineering team imports your contact lists directly from your CRM system or an Excel spreadsheet.

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Negotiation support

Our experienced team of legal engineers can also help you prepare your contract for different scenarios. Alternative clauses for different scenarios can help your team in difficult negotiations or avoid negotiations altogether.

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We supercharge the tools you are most comfortable with.

Integrate over 3,000+ applications or simply use the top.legal API.

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We help you to get more out of your contracts.

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