Contracting with video

Make a personal connection with video

The ability of video to create a personal connection with viewers cannot be overstated. Video offers tremendous potential to break down barriers and attract new users. Stand out from your competitors and create a stronger bond with your customers, even if you're not around when they sign the contract. Leave it to the video to guide them and take on the task of closing the deals.

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Here's how it works:

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Record videos via the browser

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Embed video annotations on sections in

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Send contract including video message to customer via

Video really makes a difference

Communicate 9x more effectively

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video, compared to 10% when they read it in text (McCue, 2018). Using video lends itself to effective business relationships. Video messaging allows you to get your message across quickly and in an engaging way, while ensuring that the most important information is conveyed to the viewer.

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Complexities in the contract can be resolved
via simple language and explained

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Convey a clear and
meaningful message

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Pick up decision makers, even if
they have not yet seen the product

Customers buy from people

Get creative and
show your personality

If there's one thing your competitors can't take away from you, it's your unique personality. Show who you are through videos so you can build personal relationships with your customers and close more deals! By showing your personality and your face, you will increase the customer's confidence in your offering.

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Ensure clarity and impact
with your audience

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Unlimited possibilities to represent your

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Create instant trust with
your potential customers

Better context

True customer focus

How do you read contracts? When was the last time you finished reading a software license agreement? Only legal departments have the time and luxury to do that. Let's face it, it makes a difference when a product, service and contract is explained to you. Put our video messages to work for you.

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Provide end-to-
end guidance

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Modern approach to answering frequently asked questions

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Offer an end-to-
simplification of contract review

Legal made easy

Explain complex contract clauses in a unique way

Lawyers often resort to complex language that often complicates the contract process. Using video messages on your contract clauses, you can break up complex paragraphs with simple explanations. By doing so, you increase processing fluidity and contracts are simply signed faster.

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Take away the fear of complex
clauses from your customers,

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Make it easy for your
customers to understand your

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Get decision makers off
and justify

A smile sells products

Greet your potential customers personally

The contract process is often the last stage of the Buyer Journey. By this stage, your company has already invested a lot of money in qualifying the customer. Potential customers at this stage want to buy your product. Even in this last step of the contract shipping process, take the opportunity to sell your product and your company and pick up your customer with a personalized video message as an onboarding message to the contract.

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Remind decision makers directly on
the contract of the benefits of your

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Pick up decision makers directly at
contract and address difficult
passage in advance

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Show that there are real people behind the
who give everything for their customers

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