Do not leave more than 40% of the value on the street

Non-legal contracts, products and services that are not aligned, and arbitrary pricing are every company's nightmare. Put an end to the proliferation and rely on centralised contract processes that give your sales teams the leeway they need without losing control.

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The last step of the sales process is often not yet digitised

While marketing and sales rely on colourful pictures, empathetic presentation and a lot of emotion and innovation, in the last step of the sales process the customer receives a dull paper in the usual black-on-white format that lacks any empathy.

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5 hours

Average effort per contract creation or negotiation

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3 hours

Effort for administrative tasks after creation

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5 hours

Effort for template maintenance and management

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5 weeks

Time required from the creation to the conclusion of a contract

An innovative contract solution

By using a professional contract software like, legal and sales teams can save more than 70% of their time by using automatic contract creation, approval workflow, negotiation support and integrated electronic signature.

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Cost and time savings for your company


Time savings and increased efficiency in contract processing


Reduction in spending on legal advice


Increasing efficiency through knowledge transfer


Time savings through effective contract analysis


Time saving for the administration


Save time by using existing templates

How much value are you currently leaving behind?

Enter your figures and in just a few clicks you can see how much value your company can still get out of using

Contracts/negotiations per month



Time required for contract preparation
and negotiation



Legal fees per month



Cost savings

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Get your processes for contracts working for all teams

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Be an enabler, not a

Use to automate routine contract processes and empower your colleagues in sales to create contracts with software support...

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Bring contracts to a quickerconclusion

Integrate your contract processes with the CRM system and get your customers to sign faster.

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AutomateBcontracts on a rough scale

With, you can easily create employment contracts, invitations and policies yourself and distribute them to all colleagues for signature with just a few clicks.

Use to automate routine contract processes
and enable your sales colleagues to create contracts with software