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Teams waste an average of 5 hours a week juggling between tools. is an app for your documents.

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Simple, scalable pricing

Contracting software that gets you there faster with a high return on investment.
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Prices and plans that work for you.

Discover our customized solution packages for optimizing your contract processes. Whether it's internal reconciliation, faster negotiations or improved access to contract data - we have the right pricing for you. Work with us to design your digital contracting experience and receive a customized quote.

Small business

For small companies and start-ups that want to automate routine contracts.

Up to 10 users
Up to 10 templates (workflows)
‍Up to 300 contracts per year

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Middle class

For teams who want to get their entire
contract workflow under control.

Up to 30 users
Unlimited templates
Over 300 contracts per year

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For enterprise customers with several companies and large contract volumes.

Unlimited users
Unlimited templates
Unlimited contracts

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Electronic signature

You want to sign documents electronically? No problem, offers an advanced electronic signature without volume limitation, which is directly integrated into's workflows. A qualified electronic signature (QES) is also available on request.

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Evaluate existing contracts

Would you like to be able to evaluate and search your existing contracts, which are available in paper or electronic form, according to certain parameters? We are also happy to help here. Please get in touch with us.

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Use our API and integrations to connect to your existing business applications.

Why is worthwhile

An application for contract processes that pays for itself after just 3 months

Get your time back

Contracts are the basis of every business, but at the same time they are often unnecessarily complicated. Simplify your contract processes and get your time back. offers you: 

  • Gain insights from contract and process data to further improve your contract negotiation process
  • A central database for contracts to find data faster and easier
  • Cooperation directly via with internal and external parties
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Work together effortlessly on contracts

Manage redlining and revisions on your contracts in one place. See what your contracting parties and teammates are working on. Keep track of every revision, comment, and further edit.

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All in one application

With you can sign unlimited contracts without having to upload them somewhere first and download them again after signing to sign and manage contracts. With you save valuable time and manage and sign your contracts directly in one app.

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Workflows for your contract processes

Add people as needed to approve and sign a contract. Create your own routine to effortlessly ensure organizational compliance with your processes.

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