Your team will love working with contract data again.

Unlock the potential of contract data through user-friendly collaboration, contract intelligence and integrations.

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Structure the release across all functions.

Deviations from standards are automatically routed by the software to the right person, in your communication tool - whether it's Slack, Teams or another. Get your approval in no time to close contracts faster. Update contracts, clauses and commercial terms to change your pre-approved standards - because the quickest approval is the one that isn't needed at all.

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Automatic escalation
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Tasks & Reminders
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Manage contract data in a new way.

Understand the status of each contract and actively manage them throughout the contract lifecycle. Quickly and intelligently search for contracts, clauses, commercial terms and individualised tags. Then export commercial and legal terms to .csv with just a few clicks.

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Understand productivity, effectiveness and speed.

Understand key contracting KPIs and stay in control to improve your bottom-of-funnel metrics. Share insights within your teams and visualise your sales productivity, effectiveness and velocity through team and people-based dashboards.

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your contract data in one place and integrate
your daily used software.

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Use automated contract reminders to make sure you never miss a deadline.

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Status tracking

Follow the status of the contract through the entire life cycle: from draft to signature to follow-up tasks

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Intelligent search

Search all your contracts and individual parameters with an intelligent search function.

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Understand approval processes directly in the document and save top management time

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Organise your contracts with tags to help you organise them.

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Tasks Dashboard

Create a complete overview of the tasks of your contracts in a dashboard that arise over the entire life cycle.

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The solution that can be easily implemented.

How quickly can the software be implemented in the company?

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How does the electronic signature work?

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How do you create a template from an already signed contract?

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know and increase the value of your business relationships.

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Simplify, accelerate and scale your contracting process across your organisation.


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Communicate, edit and approve in a way your team and customers will love.


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