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Technology start-up continues to grow: successfully completes second financing round

  • The Munich-based software is intended to put an end to inefficient contract processes, superfluous coordination rounds, complicated legal language and differences between the legal department and sales in the German contract business.

(Munich, 18 February 2022) The tech start-up has completed its second financing round with renowned investors. A total amount in the seven-digit range was raised, which strengthens the company's continued growth course. With the money raised, wants to invest in the further development of its AI. It is intended to help entrepreneurs make better decisions in the negotiation phase of contracts based on data.

With the closing, the young legal tech company from southern Germany joins the ranks of numerous successful financing announcements in the area of contract process automation: In Germany and abroad, the financing volume in this area has already risen to over 30 million US dollars in the first months of the new year.

Alexander Baron, founder and CEO of GmbH, reports: "We are delighted about the commitment of the renowned investors, who all share our vision of digital contract processes beyond electronic signatures. The current round of financing gives us the opportunity to further establish as a secure and convenient tool for contract negotiation and drafting. In doing so, we are creating the basis for more valuable relationships between contracting parties and between stakeholders within companies."

A new start for contracting

The Munich-based software is intended to put an end to inefficient contract processes, superfluous coordination rounds, complicated legal language and differences between the legal department and sales in the German contract business.

Numerous medium-sized companies and software houses already rely on Their aim is to harmonise offer and contract templates and to make it possible for sales staff to draw up contracts without the involvement of the legal department and long waiting times. Thomas Volk, tech investor and former CEO of CANCOM SE, confirms: "I am deeply convinced of the software. In my many years of experience, I have repeatedly noticed the problem of a lack of consistency in contracts. The associated delays in the conclusion of customer contracts have often had a negative impact on the result. I am pleased that finally solves this problem.

Accelerated, more personalised contract processes

With its software, not only facilitates complex coordination during contract negotiations. The company also paves the way for the different contracting parties to achieve better negotiation results and secure digital deals: All processes take place in cloud environments on German servers.

In addition, the company, which is mainly staffed by software engineers, has set itself the goal of bringing more direct contact and personal interaction into contracts. To this end, accompanying information on the product being sold can be integrated into the respective documents at any time - for example via personal videos or explanations.

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By using AI-supported contract software, enables the sales and legal departments to create contracts up to nine times faster and negotiate more valuable agreements. In times of increasingly complex products and differentiated services, contract processes and business relationships can be effectively structured with the company's software. thus stands for sustainable business relationships and better contracts in an increasingly complex business world.

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