More than an electronic signature.

Simplify your business processes with's electronic signature. Create documents automatically, send offers to your business partners and sign documents directly via a single platform.

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Sign documents everywhere.

With the use of the software, contracts can be created and signed on all your devices. Printing, signing by hand, scanning and filing contracts is no longer necessary. In addition, the process is more secure. And you can also save the acquisition costs for a fax machine.


Save time and effort.

Creating and signing documents no longer takes up an inordinate amount of your time and disrupts your workflow. With efficient document approval, you can focus on the work that really matters instead of doing paperwork. Filing signed documents is also no longer a problem.

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Simplicity and security

Simple and secure signature procedure.'s advanced e-signature procedure involves signing documents using your mobile phone number. This procedure fulfils all legal requirements for an electronic signature within the EU.

Rely on legally compliant processes.'s secure native e-signature complies with the EU Commission Regulation of July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS), which makes every signature secure, legally binding and enforceable.

Our process is simpler and safer.

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Track the status of your contracts.

Perfect your follow-up strategy with notifications when your contract has been opened and evaluations of how much time the other party has spent reviewing a document. After signing, you can track which steps led to the signing of the document.

The advantages of an e-signature areobvious.

Electronic signatures offer a number of well-documented advantages. See for yourself.


of document processing costs are reduced by the introduction of eSignature tools

ESRA, 2020

of the buried managers stated that the pandemic has accelerated the introduction of eSignatures in their companies

HubTech, 2020

of respondents said that electronic signatures are crucial for the stability of their business

GrowUp, 2020

Processes that go beyond the signature.

Our unique software not only simplifies the process of signing documents, but also ensures that your contracts can be created and negotiated according to your specifications. After signing, we make sure that the contract data gets to the place where you can use it further.

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Integrated integrates seamlessly with the applications and services your company already uses.

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You will be notified when documents are signed or as soon as documents are ready to be signed.

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Create documents automatically based on curated templates and have contracts signed electronically directly through the software.

Use cases.

illustrated scale helps legal teams to prepare, sign and manage contracts online. This shortens processing time and reduces risks.

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With you improve your closing rates by being able to negotiate and sign contracts professionally prepared directly via

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Improve your interaction with applicants and employees through direct communication and professional negotiation via

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Negotiate and sign the usual suspects (SaaS contract, SLA, DPA, etc.) in no time. Make your contract look professional and quickly clear internal obstacles with your customers.

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Close deals faster and focus time and resources on delivering goods to safely grow your customer base. Track maintenance intervals with reminders and tasks directly from your app.

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Speed up contract creation and ensure that products and services match your offer. Apply internal guidelines for discounts and pricing directly during contract creation.

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How does the electronic signature work?

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Is's native eSignature legally binding?

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