Negotiate and store all documents related to a deal in one place.

Redesign your contract work with our dynamic templates, streamline your processes and increase your efficiency.
Illustration of the dealroom

The endless search for documents and different versions often becomes a nightmare

Transactions are becoming increasingly complex and often require more than one document. Managers must not lose track of this when switching between internal comments and changes from different stakeholders in multiple documents.

Illustration of the dealroom
illustration of the dealroom

Clear and structured documentation of your deal with

Instead of digging through endless folders and emails to find the right documents, a dealroom stores all relevant documents in one place. This saves you valuable time. Additional documents can be uploaded by all participants at any time.

Internal negotiations and comments remain internal

You want to coordinate internally first and want to avoid that your internal comments load at the other side despite all caution? Thanks to the feature for internal collaboration in real time, can sleep peacefully. The internal voting process and internal comments always stay where they should be.

Illustration of the dealroom
illustration of the dealroom

External negotiations - negotiate like a pro supports external negotiations with your customers, partners or other third parties. All parties work centrally on the same document and tedious version comparisons are no longer necessary. All changes are marked and explanations make difficult sections easier. This way you reach your conclusion faster.

Other features you need for faster completion

Our contract software is designed for simplicity, which means you spend less time managing, creating and negotiating contracts
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Secure platform with granular user rights for negotiating confidential documents
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Collaborate with multiple people and parties in real time
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Clear separation between internal and external negotiations
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Simple and user-friendly interface for fast contracting
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Secure storage of all your documents and audit trial for negotiations

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