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Remote Sales

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Successful remote sales: convince and sell virtually

Welcome to our Remote Sales category! In times when remote work and virtual communication are becoming more and more important, it is crucial to adapt sales strategies and implement remote sales effectively. Here you will find valuable resources, tips and best practices to successfully conduct your sales activities remotely. Learn how to make customer contacts, conduct negotiations and close deals, all remotely.

How to improve your sales negotiation process

Sales negotiation is the process of discussing and reaching agreement on the terms of a sale between the buyer and seller. It is an essential part of the sales process and can have a significant impact on the overall success of the sale.

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How to get valuable deals with joint action plans

In this article, you'll learn why Mutual Action Plans are so important in modern sales and how they can help your company close more deals faster

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The Mutual Action Plan (MAP) - Everything you need to know

In this article, you'll learn what a joint action plan is, how elements of an effective MAP should be created and implemented, and why your sales team needs one.

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Digitization on the job: major upheavals in the working world

In the face of the self-administered haircuts seen on Zoom calls these days, it may well turn out that hairdressers have nothing to fear as far as their long-term raison d'ĂȘtre is concerned. However, the same cannot be said for many other businesses that have been buffeted by the approaching future.

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Scaling contracting for B2B revenue growth

How contracts are scaled is a key driver of revenue: 80% of B2B revenue is generated via contracts, but 83% of people are dissatisfied with the process by which contracts are concluded. It is worth taking a closer look.

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