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Legal Operations

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Legal Operations: Increasing Efficiency and Innovation in Legal Practice

Welcome to our Legal Operations category! Here you will learn everything about the strategic management and optimization of legal departments and legal processes. Legal Operations encompasses a variety of tasks such as process optimization, technology implementation, budget planning and much more. Learn how to make your legal operations more efficient, reduce costs, and improve collaboration between legal departments and other business units. Immerse yourself in the world of Legal Operations and discover innovative approaches to a successful legal practice.

Creation and use of a commercial power of attorney

Explore the world of trading powers of attorney in this comprehensive guide. Learn all about the different types of commercial powers of attorney, how to document them, common mistakes to avoid, and more. A must-read for business owners, legal professionals, and anyone interested in commercial law.

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Signature Regulation: How to Avoid Liability Risks

Discover the importance of signature regulations in business transactions. Learn more about procuration, power of attorney and the role of the electronic signature. Minimize liability risks through clear powers of representation in your company.

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How to find the right legal document software

Learn the top tips and tricks for finding the ideal legal document management software. Our article will guide you through the process and help you choose the right solution to optimize your document management, increase productivity and ensure compliance.

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How to set measurable goals for legal departments

This article looks at the importance of goal setting, provides practical tips for developing measurable goals, and highlights the benefits of using key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.

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Signing Authority: Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we explore why Signing Authority is so important in both personal and business contexts. We look at the importance of signing authority, the consequences of unauthorized signatures, and how clear signing authority guidelines can help you make informed decisions and maintain accountability.

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Whistleblowing: Software help with corporate malpractice

In this article, we will explore how whistleblowing supports companies and employees and how software can be used to make the process of whistleblowing easier and safer. We will look at the different forms of whistleblowing software, their functions and how they can be used to create a culture of ethics and transparency in an organization.

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KPIs in Legal: How to determine and monitor them

Key Performance Indicators, abbreviated to "KPIs", are business metrics that evaluate the performance and success of a company. KPIs provide the data and knowledge needed to answer key questions and should be measurable, detailed and tailored to a company's specific objectives.

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Contract manager: job description, duties and salary

Contract managers are responsible for the different phases of the life cycle of a contract. They are involved in the creation, drafting and amendment of contracts, tracking the process and overseeing its execution. The overall goal of a contract manager is to ensure that the company gets the best possible results from each contract in the portfolio.

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Companies beware: Legal tech optimizes contracts

The legal industry has changed dramatically with the help of technology. This new sector, in which legal activities are supported by technology, is called legal tech. With its gradual introduction, the everyday life and work routine of many lawyers has already changed drastically.

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Guide to Contract Drafting for Legal and Sales teams

For many companies, a functioning contract process stands for more contracts concluded and thus for growth in turnover and earnings. However, many companies regularly stumble when trying to set up a functioning contract process. As a result, millions are lost through turnover losses and frictional losses.

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Digital contract management: your key to partnership

Due to advancing digitalisation, companies demand more mobility from their legal department

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