Automate legal content.

Simplify, accelerate and scale your contract processes across your organisation with our no-code automation software.

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Establishing standards brings coherence, relieves the legal department or external lawyers and saves you headaches in contract and risk management later on.

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Scenario-based design
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Scalable standards
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Empower your stakeholders.

Speed up contract processing for your non-lawyers in sales and HR by providing self-explanatory contract playbooks.

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A knowledge system that learns along with you.

Organise clauses with tags, risk weights and labels, annotate changes and refer back to previous precedents to transfer knowledge within your team.

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Shared best practices
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No-Code Editor


It automates and scales contracts.

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Upload contracts

Upload contracts and put them into a machine-readable file format

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Dynamic Contract Wizard

Guide your staff through the contract creation process with questions, explanations, audio and video messages.

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Scenario-based contract drafts

Automatically draft contracts according to your own legal or business logic.

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Intelligent input fields

Create input fields and define question types with comments to create input fields faster.

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No-Code playbook editor

An advanced no-code editor that allows you to create logics and dependent automations based on which contracts are dynamically created.

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Scalable standards

Established standards are reflected in hundreds, even thousands of contracts, so you can accelerate your business while managing your risk.

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The solution that can be easily implemented.

How are the contract playbooks created?

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How quickly can the software be implemented in the company?

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Is there to support you at the beginning?

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How does the electronic signature work?

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know and increase the value of your business relationships.

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Communicate, edit and approve in a way your team and customers will love.


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Unlock the potential of contract data through contract analysis and integrations.


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